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Why Kabe Led?

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Why LED Lights

Why LED Lights

By using Entire LED, Every 60 Watts light bulb will be replaced with 13 Watts LED lights which means there are 47 Watts saved per fixture just by upgrading an old light bulb to a LED light.

A few questions to ask yourself when selecting KabeLED for your home lighting:

How much could you save on each light bulb?

Check the table listed below for more information.

What kind of rebates and incentives could you get qualified for?

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Soft or Warm?

How to choose between Soft Light and Warm Light?

The higher the degrees kelvin, the whiter the colour tempreture. Although the whiter lights will appear "Brighter" than those of a lower kelvin reading, the amount of Lumens (measurement for brightness) does not change, and true brightness is not affected.


Existing Annual Energy CostProposed Annual Energy CostAmount Saved Annually
Wats/LifetimeYearly Cost (CAD)Cost over LED Lifetime (CAD)
LED 6.5W 25,000hr$1.7$39.7
Halogen 50W 2,000hrs$13.37$305.13
Savings per LED lamp$11.62 per Year$264.86 Lifetime
Saving for 8 LED lamp $92.98 per Year$2122.40 Lifetime

Where can i use them?

Below are some common areas where the different colours can be used:


Warm to Warm White:

Living room, Bedroom, Hallway

White to Cool White:

Kitchen, Study, Bathroom, Cupboard, Office, Retail


Commercial, Retail, Art Studios

Lasta 13.1 years

Where will you be in over a decade? Based on 3 hours per day usage.

Mercury free

Unlike other bulbs, LEDs don't contain harmful mercury.

Durable & Strong

Its solid structure means shattered light bulbs are a thing of the past.


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